07 August 2012

How I Find Blogging Ideas

Bloggers are always looking for new ideas.  Many people don't know what to write about.  The days come and go, and they just don't know what to post.  I have struggled with this for awhile as well.  However, I have found some ideas of how to get ideas.  I now have over 50 draft listings waiting for me to write on a topic.  New ideas come out all the time, and you can think of them as well.

For starters, goggle it.  You are on the internet blogging, why not look for ideas on the internet.  There are tons of places out there.

Second, look at peoples questions.  If people always ask the same questions, then if you write something to answer those questions, then people will want to read what you write.

Also, look at your life.  Is there anything interesting that you are doing that other people would like read about, and maybe try themselves?  Tons of things that you could do there.

Also, look at others blogs.  The world is not small, the internet is huge.  Look at other blogs and find some ideas.  Do something similar.  Many blogs have weekly features, and you could start one for yourself. 

Then sometimes just thinking.  I know that sounds weird, but as you go throughout your day an idea may strike you.  Inspiration comes from anywhere, if it is for making any sort of art, including writing blogs.

Any other ideas of places to find ideas?  Where do you get them from?

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