29 March 2012

hanging out

So, apparently clothes dryers take energy to run. (I know we all know this) But, apparently if you hang your clothes to dry this does not. Outdoors is a good place during the summer. Indoors during the winter (you don’t want frozen clothes). You can even get racks for drying indoors.

I however do not know how I feel about this. Sure, maybe for shirts and such, but I have a vivid memory growing up of a neighbor hanging their underwear in their backyard. I saw it, and didn’t want to see it. So, I’m not sold on this idea.


  1. I have to say something! I live in the north west of England - It rains and is cold! i don't use a dryer! Waste of money and energy! I have a rack in the house for my smalls, socks, knickers, underpants etc. So no matter the weather I don't have to show everyone else. I put the washing out to dry when the weather is nice enough (not very often). If it's not I have racks and I have curtain rails. If I can do something so small to make a difference then it's worth it and it doesn't cost me any money.


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