08 April 2011

power lines

As I travel home from the train on my daily commute I pass under a vast amount of power lines. When I got the assignment to photograph either actual lines or implied lines I jumped at the chance to photograph them as both.

They have an interesting look to them. Most people see either a lot of garbage cluttering the landscape or progress toward something better. I see the beauty that is in them, having drafted many power poles in my job, I see the hard work that went into them. I also see the waste of energy that goes along with them.

Did you know that most of the energy produced in power plants is gone before it even reaches your house? More localized the energy producer is the more efficient it is. That is one reason it would be a great idea if everyone had either solar power or wind power at their house, the least amount of distance to get to your house would be if it was already at your house to begin with.

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