19 January 2011

in the city

Here is one I don't do, but would love to do. I will admit it, I live in the suburbs. I do.
Urban sprawl is possibly one of the worst things that can be done to the planet. You take homes and stick them out in the middle of nowhere. You want the space, the yard, to fill with grass, or more likely, weeds. You want to be away from it all. So of course, you are. Then whenever you want to go somewhere you have to get into that car of yours and travel to wherever it is. Then you have to go to all the different places, all in your car. You have to travel the freeway and get stuck in rush hour screaming at the people who are not moving in front of you. Some people spend most of their time in a car in the middle of traffic instead of at that cozy home away from it all.

The solution, and where I think that the world is going, is back to the city. Think about it, in the city you can go to work, buy food and other things, and be entertained, all within a walking distance. I would love to be able to do this, but living at home with my parents is much cheaper.

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