29 January 2011


Biodegrable, green is it not? That's right, we should all go and buy things that are biodegradable, then when you throw them away they will degrade, right? Um, no.

A landfill, where most garbage goes, is not a very degrable place. (Sure, some things are burned, but then should we have Bioburnable things?) The way a landfill works is there is dirt, then a layer of garbage (you know, every sort of crap that people throw away), then more dirt, then more garbage, then dirt, you get the picture. Eventually it will get to be too much stuff, so they leave it and go somewhere else. Right.

That is when it degrades right? Um, no. It is trapped inside the garbage/dirt box and even if it might degrade, it isn't going to. Plus, are you ever going to go back to that pile that was once a landfill and use it? I doubt it.

So, even if it is Biodegradable, it won't if you just throw it away anyways.

I can't figure out why these are good if they all go to a landfill where they can't degrade.

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