24 September 2009

Burt's Bees

I am a member of a site called BzzAgent, which sends me things to use and talk about. This time around, they sent some things from Burt's Bees.

Now, I always thought that Burt's Bees was natural. It always sounded that way to me. But this new product that they came out with is natural, and good for the environment, right?

The facial wash is okay, I haven't seen it help, but... And the smell is fine. The spot treatment on the other hand... Every time that I open the bottle I think I am going to die! It smells so bad. I guess it just smells like honey, or something of the sort, but man, I do not like it. And, I haven't seen an improvement using it. I do use it more than the wash, probably because it is so easy to use. Just open, dab, and go.

But the thing that gets me is what it came in. We are suppose to be working on being good for the environment, right? That is what it claimed. But look at it! In the box it came in (which I reused to send something back to a friend) it had paper, and more boxes. It was like this little heaven of crap with a little bit of product. The samples are tiny, they are housed in those little square things, with a bunch of advertising around it. I understand that they want to advertise, and by all means, do it. But all the other packaging? I threw half of it away.

I guess it is an okay product, but I feel like it is green washing more than being helpful.

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