14 July 2009

natural drying

I recently went on a trip to New York, and got to room with some unique people. One morning a girl was blow drying her very short hair. She started to complain and asked me "Don't you hate how long it takes to blow dry your hair in the morning?" I really don't mean to look at people like they are crazy, yet somehow I do. "I don't blow dry my hair, I normally take showers at night and it's dry by morning."

And I do! This is the tip I have for today, stop killing your hair! I love mine this way, and if you can get away with it, do. (I realize some of you have crappy hair, sorry.) I go to bed with a wet head and when I wake up it is nice and wavy, just perfect for my day.

Blow drying your hair is horrible for it. It takes energy, both electric, and your own. It wreaks havoc on your hair, damaging it. The greener alternative is to not do it. Maybe you have enough time in the morning to let it dry naturally, or are okay with it being wet when you go out. But if not, sleep on it.

Another alternative that I love, roll down your windows. I use to do this on the way to work last summer. As I drove the wind took care of my wet hair and by the time I was at work I had nice full, dry hair. I would get so many compliments, and it took no more time than it did to comb it when I got to work.

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