20 May 2009

recycle paper

Here is an interesting one that I do, and do not do at the same time.

Paper recycling is so easy in a lot of places. At school we have bins right next to the garbage cans, it is just as easy to drop it into the bin as it is the can. This is a key to it I think, how easy it is. I am constantly putting things in there to have them carted off to make the school money. It is great.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy other places. At work we use paper like crazy and every time I place a perfectly lovely sheet in the garbage I cringe. It seems like it should be easy to recycle these, but somehow it isn't. It would take work on managements part to put a program in place.

Now, at home it is kind of weird. Afterall, we have the recycle bin that the city gave us. A huge one the size of the garbage can, picked up on the same day. But somehow my family never gets the paper to the recycle bin, it just lands in our easy to access garbage can. Maybe if it was easier. I'm thinking about getting a small recycle bin for the house that I will then take to the large one outside.

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