22 May 2009

the heat is on!

I took a class on sustainability, and did an assignment that found all the problems wrong with our house. I took a picture of our thermostat, a good, programmable one. Granted, we didn't program it to do the fancy things, we just left it on. Well, the day I took the picture it was a little hot, and read 82 degrees.

When I gave the presentation, I got in so much trouble because of it. We have it set at 80 degrees, and apparently that is way too hot. I even had a friend tell me he couldn't work in 80 degrees, I think he's crazy. I also think it has a lot to do with the time of the year. During the freezing winter you want it to be warmer inside because it is so cold outside, but I think in the summer it is nicer to be cooler inside.

74 is suppose to be a nice number,and if you get chilly, put on a sweater. I'm all for turning it down a little, not to 74, but as I kept saying, it is convincing the other people in the house. I live with my parents, both of which like it to be warm. I'm not saying that we should all cook, but sometimes the ideas of what temperature it should be is kind of whacked.

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