05 December 2014

Hello, I am Margaret

Hello, my name is Margaret, and I have taken over VaLon's blog for the day.  Recently I got to go on a trip with her.  She wasn't that excited to go to the Richfield area again, it being such a small town, and her being such a city girl.  But, it was for a special occasion.  Her favorite cousin passed away, Alma Joel Frandsen, but he's cool and goes by his middle name - Joel.

He was an amazing guy, VaLon's favorite memory of his was from a trip when she was small and he let her ride his race horse bareback around the corral.  It was fun.  She was recently getting to see him more and more, unfortunately only at funerals, and sometimes he was the only reason she felt at home in a place.  He was suppose to live forever, or at least outlive all the rest of his cousins, but alas.

We were a bit concerned about going down, the weather report kept saying that there would be snow, all the way from Northern to Southern Utah.  We didn't want to risk our lives and join Joel.  So, we said a prayer, and headed out anyways.  The snow was not bad, and stopped about a half an hour into the trip.

I snuck away in VaLon's Mother's purse, it was a lot of fun.  She let me ride in the seat, nice and secured, I even got to drive.

We stayed with another one of my Dad's cousin - Mac Neil, and he has a cool house.  It is perfectly preserved in all of the antique glory.  He also has collected such a cool collection of antique things.  I was so jealous of half of the things he had in his house.

Selfie with VaLon, proof that she was there, and I didn't just run away.  Mac's house has a lot of fun things in it.

Some cool doorknobs.

I got to sit in these cool chairs, very comfy.

I did some book reading.  He has tons of books, just sitting there waiting to be read.  Maybe one day I can have a life where I just read books all day.  Sounds fun.


I even did a bit of bike riding while I was there.  Nothing like a little bit of exercise to keep my figure up.

After a long day of fun, and travel, it was time for a well deserved rest.

I even made a friend while at Mac Neil's house.

Then a few more at the funeral.

You see, Joel was a forest ranger for years, and was even called Smokey Bear.  His grandkids called him Papa Bear, and they each got their own bear names from him.  I was honored to meet a whole family of bears.

As I mentioned before, Joel also loved horses.  He had lots of horses, that he raced, and they won lots of things.  He kept them in his backyard where they could roam wherever.  When we visited Joel's house, we went out to the car, and VaLon said "Hi Horseies." And they just came right over.  It was so cool.  They even posed for us, such pretty horses.  Although I didn't get to ride them this time, I did get to sit on Joel's saddle.  It was cool.


Elisnore also has sheep.  Ah, tiny towns...

It was a very neat trip.  We even had a pit stop on the way home, while it was dark of course.

Thanks for reading!  I hope that you enjoyed my blog as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Maybe VaLon will let me write one again if next time I go on a trip!  Until then....

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