15 September 2014

older scholarship questions and answers part 3

And then there was three!  I found some more of those questions I answered for scholarships long ago.  I love that they are fun questions, interesting to me to see where I was, and fun to see where I am now.  Italics are then, not are now.

Imagine that you have just found out that you have 24 hours left to live.  Tell us what you plan to do in your last day on earth.

With 24 hours left to live, I decide to go tell everyone goodbye.  I go into work, not to work, but to say goodbye.  I’ll clean up my area when I’m there, take all of my stuff home with me.  I’ll get online and say goodbye to everyone.  I’ll send out a mass e-mail telling everyone I’m going to die.  I would try to end all of my online accounts so that nobody else can pretend to be e, which would just be freaky.  I would clean up my room a bit, make sure it looks nice.  I would make sure my parents knew where all of my money was so they could have it and such.  I think I would go shopping with my best friend; we always do it, so I think that would be fun.  Then I would probably sit around and watch TV or something.  But then, I don’t know, that wounds like a very busy day, maybe I’d be dead already.

This is an odd one I think.  I once had a time at ‘girls camp’ where they took us off and pretended to have us write a letter to our families because we were going to die.  Everyone poured their hearts into it, some crying and such.  Then they took them and tore them up.  The point was to show us that we should always be letting our families know what we think and feel about them, and to live like it is your last.  I wasn’t that tramatised by this incedent, because I felt my family already knew.  Every night before we go to bed my mother and I exchange a “Goodnight, I love you,” and I feel as if this is how we should all act and feel all the time.  So, if I was given 24 hours to live, I don’t know how much I would do differently.  I am sure I would try and reach out to family and friends and just make sure they knew.  Maybe tell some secrets to those I love although they may not be aware of it.  But, typically, do the same thing.  

I found it funny all the things I said I’d do as far as emailing and taking care of my money and physical things.  So funny because think about how the world has changed.  When was the last time you sent out a mass email?  You just post to Facebook now.  So interesting how the world has changed.

Describe the best practical joke that you have ever pulled on someone or that someone else has pulled on you.

When I was a child, about five or six, our TV broke down.  We had it in the shop being fixed, because back then it would have been cheaper I suppose than buying a new one.  It was April first and my Mom came up with a great prank to play on my Dad.  We called him up at work and told him the news, the repair shop had called, he had dropped a hammer into the screen.  You see, my Dad is a bit deaf, and I’m sure he thought he heard wrong, so he asked us “What?”  You could hear it in his voice, my Dad was not happy.  We let him ponder about it for a minute, and then told him April Fools.  It was great fun and one of the only memories I have of my childhood that is not remembered through pictures.

What is your favorite season?  Tell us why you love it.

My favorite season would have to be summer.  I was born in the summer, June actually, and it is great.  It is so nice and warm outside, you don’t have to wear a coat or shoes.  It also is a great time to go swimming, to go enjoy the nice water and get some sun.  Plus, people don’t look at you as weird when you go outside wearing sunglasses.  Although sometimes the snow makes it brighter than the summer, sunglasses in the winter aren’t always fashionable.

This is so, so funny to me.  I do love summer, yes, but it isn’t my favorite anymore.  I love Fall now, and a lot of the reasons are contrary to what I said before.  You see, I love the fall because it is cooling down, but not cold.  You can get away with wearing layers and not looking weird or being hot.  I love jackets, and they are hard to wear during the summer.  I also love boots.  And I am always excited when I can finally break them out and wear them again.  I also love the colors, sure, pretty and all.  But, all seasons are pretty in their own way.  But, my favorite part in my answer is about the sunglasses.  I love sunglasses, and now say that even during the winter they are important.  I love to wear mine all year round.  It is just something I love, and even wear them when it is a bit dark out.

So, I want to know, What is your favorite season? 

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