01 September 2014

older scholarship questions and answers

So, I was looking though my old writing.  I have a folder, and it has lots of handwritten, and typed out things.  I came across some scholarship applications that I had put in long ago in High School.  It has been fun reading them over, and seeing what I put.  I’m am not surprised I didn’t get any of these, my spelling, as it always has been, was horrible.  Thank goodness we have spell check now.

I think this is one of the first times I really enjoyed writing, which has helped a lot with my blog.  I use to really enjoy these writing scholarships, would just go and write a bunch, feel satisfied with life, and move on.  I do that a lot with my blogs now as well.

I have decided to share some of the questions and answers with you, a fun trip down memory lane.  The italic ones are the ones I typed back then, with the correct spelling however, and the other ones are the ones I just answered today.


Tell us about the best gift you have ever been given.

The best gift I was ever given was a guitar case.  I had a guitar for about six months and really wanted a case.  I had signed up for a class but was scared to take it out because it might get hurt.  I had seen other people who had theirs out, in the rain, and just about died.  My parents decided since my birthday was coming up, they would give me one.  So, we all went to the store and got the perfect one.  I was so happy.

My Mother likes to say that I give good gifts, and I do like to give meaningful gifts that I think the person would like.  Or else, why give the gift?  However, my mother is pretty good at figuring me out as well.  But, my favorite gift I have got was my last Christmas present, I got Christ.  Now, I really like to say it that way because that is what Christmas is all about, we got Christ.  He was born, he lived a perfect life, he died for us, and he was resurrected and lives again so we can too!  It’s amazing!  But, I really did get a Christ.  My parents got me a Christus figure, just a small one, but still.  I have wanted one for awhile, and it was cool to get it.

If you could give one piece of advice to upcoming high school students what would it be?

I’m going to give you two pieces of advice.  First, take as many advanced classes as you can.  Try to get as much college credit as possible.  No matter if you will need it or not, it will be helpful.  You may get to skip classes, it may help you with saying you have done so many classes, and it will most likely boost your GPA.  Second, get involved.  Do as much stuff as you want.  Maybe concentrate in one area, but do a lot in it.

Here’s a fun one, because my answer is completely different.  Sure, do the best you can in high school, and yes, get involved.  But, my advanced classes didn’t really help, they almost hindered because I didn’t need them, they were fluff.  And my advice now – don’t worry, it will all come to an end and it doesn’t matter anyways.  I know that when you are in high school it matters, everything matters.  No matter how small of an issue, it is a big deal.  But, once you are out of high school a few years, none of it matters.  Your friends most likely won’t be your friends still.  You’ll keep in touch, but you’ll make new friends.  Your grades, nobody will truly care.  What you did in high school really doesn’t matter.  So, when all is said and done, live it up, have fun, but don’t worry about it, because the only people who still care about high school later and the ones who peaked in high school and can’t let it go.

Tell us a story about one time that you didn’t read and follow directions or instructions and you later wished that you had.

I was working on a math problem.  I looked at the problem and thought it was like the other ones.  I did it, the whole thing.  I came out with very funny answers.  They were hard complicated numbers.  I then, after a bit of that, looked at what I was suppose to do.  I found out I was just suppose to start it, and that there was a simpler way of doing it that gave nice clean answers.

What is the most romantic thing that you have ever done or that someone else has done for you?

When I was 12 I had a huge crush on a guy in my class.  For Valentines Day I decided to give him a cake, but not to let him know it was me.  We made a card and had my Dad write on it.  Then we had our neighbor come and deliver it.  We sat in the car around the corner and waited.  She came back and told us all about it.  She had asked for him, and he came.  She gave it to him and took a picture.  It was very fun to do, and the picture turned out great!

Is it sad that this is still my most romantic thing?  I have not had that many romantic experiences.  I have dated guys without knowing it.  I have been around a lot of guys to the point in being able to find traits in them that I do and do not like and would want in a husband.  I have flirted with a lot of guys, and wanted to date them, to no avail.  But, I really haven’t done many romantic things.  One Valentines Day I tried to give my friends roses, but they didn’t seem to appreciate them from a girl…  

Oh, no, I guess the one romantic thing a guy did for me was give me roses.  He was a best friend in high school, part of our group.  And shortly after his mission, he got roses for me.  I felt special, and my best friend felt awkward, because he also gave her some, and she didn’t know what that ment.  I think he gave some to someone else as well, because we had four roses each and we think he had bought a dozen.  I thought it was super sweet.  I even took them and attempted to dry them, first attempt at it, and they have held up okay.  I still have them, and love them.  The first roses a guy ever gave me.

So, now I want to know from you,
What is the most romantic thing that you have ever done or that someone else has done for you?

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