01 July 2014

you are advertising to the wrong person

I have been thinking a lot about advertising, and who to advertise to, and how a lot of the world is doing it wrong. You see, I am a member of a website called Etsy, you may have heard of it.  And I see a lot of people on there promoting their items to people who do the same thing they do.  Not that smart.  If you are trying to sell me jewelry that I can just make on my own, I'm just going to make it on my own, not buy yours.  So, who should you be marketing to?

Let's have a look at my favorite magazine collection. 

It is a little magazine called Dwell.  It is about homes, and architecture, and great design.

Now, let's pick one up, a random one, doesn't matter. 

It is the same as a lot of my favorite architecture magazines full of ads at the beginning of it, and sometime, SOMETIMES they have some furniture ads.  They need to make some money, right?  And which ad do we find?

According to a lot of peoples actions, it should have homes, right? Right? RIGHT?

Bam!  A Cadillac! 

 CADILLAC!  Nothing, nothing to do with architecture or homes.  But, that is what is in EVERY architecture magazine.  I am not kidding, go pick one up and look.  Tons of cars, everywhere. And why?  Because architects like cars.  They (supposedly) have money.  They have egos, big egos.  They want to buy the fancy car.  They want to impress people.  They must own that car.

According to a lot of people's logic, you would advertise a car in a car magazine.  But seriously, who is reading that publication?  A guy (or girl, we are not sexist here) who likes cars, who likes to fix them up.  The ideal car for someone reading those magazines is a rundown, or classic car that they can buy and fix up.  No, they are not going to buy the Cadillac.  No way.

So, what does this have to do with you?  Well, chances are, you are advertising to the wrong person.  Please, figure out who your customer is.  Picture your product on someone.  I'll help, let's do some jewelry, not like that is an over saturated category or anything.  How about a nice diamond necklace?

Does it work well on a hillbilly?  Great, find some gun websites, or cowboy message boards, and make friends there.  (Not all cowboys or girls are hillbilly's....)

Does it work well on a teenager?  Great, find some of the teenage messageboards, or get on twitter and youtube, snapchat even.  Get in touch with a teen and see where they hang out online, and market there.

Does it work well on a rich business lady?  Great, find some professional gathering spots.  LinkenIn would be a good place to have a page.

Does it work well on a small child?  Great, find some mommy blogs, or even better, see if you can get some ads on the kids sites, so then the child can beg their mom for it.

Does it work well on a world famous actress?  Great, find some connections.  I have heard that everyone is connected to everyone within 5 people.  Although they are now old news, I know how I can get to the Jonas Brothers in three.  And I'm not talking people who just know each other, but good friends with friends.  See where yours takes you.  I don't have a big need to find the Jonas Brothers, but if I really wanted to, I could.  Who do you really want to get connected to?

Does it work well on a carefree girl who likes what her friends like?  Great, find some amazing Facebook pages.  People love their Facebook, and are devoted to it.  I don't like it myself, and don't have a business one.  But then, I'm not this customer.  This customer also likes Instagram, Vine, and other fast moving social networks.

Does it work well on a trendy girl who everyone looks up to?  Great, find some fashion blogs, some beauty blogs.  Approach then gently, and become their friend, chances are they will start to look at your things, and may even tell their friends.

Does it work well on an old lady in retirement?  Great, find some people to talk to.  No, really, step away from the computer and go talk to people.  The older generation isn't really online, and if they are, they aren't always sure how to use it.  But, if you find a little old lady who likes your stuff, chances are she has some money saved away just wanting to spend it on all of her grandchildren.

So, go and take a real look at who your customer is, then find out where they are located, and promote to them there.  It will work a whole lot better than trying to just sling your name out wherever you get a chance to post it.

I want to know, who is your customer and where is she (or he...)?

Note: I was not paid for any product listed.  I am just passionate.

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