21 June 2014

Other UNO Versions (by VaLon)

As summer is in full swing, I have decided to share my favorite game with you.

For a few summers, I worked at Sylvan Learning Center as a teacher's aid.  My job, was to play with kids while the teachers got ready.  And our favorite games was UNO!  I have played many different versions of this, as the kids would change and make up their own rules as they went a long.  My favorite thing to do was to play along with them, and then beat them with their own rules.  I was able to get some of the teenagers to play along, when nobody else could get them to do anything.  I thought I'd share the rules to my favorite versions with you now.

Good Card Way (works best with only two people)
Divide all the good cards (non numbered cards) into piles. Divide equally, so that each person has the same amount of each card (or close to it). Place the numbered cards in the draw pile. Play like you normally would except reverse in this case is used just like a skip; draw 2 (or 4) can not be stacked, the other person must draw.

Cheater Way 
Play like normal, except try to get rid of your cards by other means (such as dropping cards, hiding them, playing multiple at a time, etc…) If cheater is caught, they have to take the whole discard pile.

There is of course other ways to play than by the real rules, and let’s be honest, I’m not sure which the real rules of the game is. Such as stacking verses not stacking draw cards. Or keeping wild cards and drawing instead of playing them. Or picking up one card when you can’t play or drawing cards until you can. Etc... Or, just make up your own rules as you go along.

Have fun playing!  Oh, and let me know your favorite ways to play, I'll try them out!

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