06 May 2014

reusable bags

I know what you are thinking, bags are bags.  I haven't really jumped into the reusable bags ideas, I tried it once at the store, long ago, and the cashier put it in a plastic sack before putting it in my bag.... yeah....  But, I have collected some ideas for you.

First we have the old fashioned, buy them with the stores logo shopping bag.  Slightly boring, but very sturdy.

Next we have a linen one.  Very study as well, and can nicely roll up in a ball.  I like these, but that may stem from my childhood we had tons of these bags all around for various adventures.  Each place we would go had a different bag.

Then we have the cool foldable ones.  I for one like small things, so if anything can be folded up into a tiny size, I am all for it.  Most of the time these seem pretty flimsy to me, but no more than the plastic bags they are ment to replace anyways.


Then we have the great T-Shirt bags.  Easy to make, simply cut off the arms and sew up the bottom.  Or, get a tank top for added strength of handles, and just sew up the bottom.  Works great.  For an even better tutorial, go here.  I haven't decided how I really feel about these quite yet.  They seem to work lovely, but I almost feel like I need to buy a new shirt just to destroy it to make a bag.  Seems like it would work for all those shirts that you are given free for advertisements.  Hum...

Well, there you have my collection of fun ones.  At the very least, try and cram whatever you can into the bags you are carrying.  I worked in a department store, and was surprised at how many bags ladies would walk out with that only had two things in them each when five could have fit.  So, I want to know, what do you use to go shopping with?

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