09 March 2013

Architecture Supplies Collection

When I attended architecture school we would make a lot of different things.  We would make models after models of our building designs.  Sometimes, most of the time, they were just progress models, showing what we were currently thinking.  However, when the project was done we would make a final model.  It was a lot of fun.  We would also make tons of other random projects, and lots of display boards.  But, to make all of these things we would need some supplies, and they could get very expensive very fast.  So, I learned to scavenge.  Somebody would buy a huge piece of something, then not want the rest, and I would scoop it up.  Somebody would decide they didn't want something and leave it, and scoop it went.  I also had a rule that if something was left on my desk for over two days it became mine.  My desk was typically the cleanest in studio and people would use it.  I actually got a lot of things this way.  Most of my things came from the graduating students however, since they weren't going to be in school, they didn't need anything anymore and would either leave it, or give it to someone.  I got tons of items like this.  I had a nice collection when I graduated, and thought I would share it with you.  What happened to it when I graduated?  Well, I bestowed it on a friend who had just started thinking he would have more time to use it than I did.  That is, except the way cool things that I had to keep for myself, can you say mirrored acrylic?  Enjoy!

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