24 July 2012

Ten Guilty Pleasures

1 - Hanson - You know you know them.  Remember MMMBop?  Still love that song.  I grew up loving them in an area that, didn't love them.  I can count on one hand those who liked them I knew.  Yet, I was that weird girl who loved them.  It was such a rush when I went to my first concert of theirs and there is like a couple hundred people singing along to MMMBop with you, that actually know it.  So cool.  And yes, they are together, and make some kick butt music still.

2 - Jewelry Making - What?  I make jewelry?  Yep!  I find it a guilty pleasure because I don't do it for the money, but for the fun.  It is a lot of fun to come up with new designs and make them, and list them, and play on etsy.  It is a fun new game that I play, and I happen to make some money doing it as well.  Life is great.

3 - Brickfish - Say what you will, but I enjoy it.  Unfortunately it has died down (well, it actually did die, and now it is alive again.)  You can go and make friends and enter contests and have them vote for you.  It is lots of fun.  I have won over $1,000 worth of things.  Ah, I love this site.  Find me here.

4 - Music - I don't know if it is bad, but I really enjoy music, singing, guitar playing, listening to, concerts, etc...

5 - Twitter - It is so fun to just sit are read what people are up to.  Some are funny, some are serious, some are odd promotions.  But, all are fun and addicting.

6 - Old to New - I really enjoy taking things that use to be one thing and making them into something totally different.  Like straws.  Sure, they are for drinking, but they can also be lights, or huge fixtures.  Both done by me, both so fun to make.  (Well, except for the cutting and taking of thousands of straws.)

7 - Neopets - Okay, so it is a kids site, but who cares.  Some people like to play games, I just choose to do it on a wholesome site without killing people.

8 - Theater - I love the theater, take it over a movie any day.  The guiltiness comes from who I like to watch.  I have a couple of friends, or not so friends but stars, that I enjoy going and seeing in things.  If I lived in New York, I would be going to shows all the time.  But for now, I enjoy going to the local shows seeing actors that I love.

9 - Growing plants - Both indoor and out, plants are very fun to grow.  I also enjoy naming my plants.

10 - Not finishing blog posts - ...


  1. Oh VaLon! I was a COMPLETE Hanson addict!! My walls were plastered with their posters!! My dad absolutely hated it!! He would always tell me they were the ugliest boys he'd ever seen and I'd get SO mad because I LOVED Zac!! And MMMBop! The beat was awesome!! I would play that song over and over and over... and then play it again!! Ha!!
    Were we friends then??

    1. I don't think we were really friends then. It is too bad, I didn't have many friends that did like them. I was so vocal about liking them that people use to tell me how they hated them. Crazy.


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