05 May 2012

simple list of 20 good green things

• Unplug unused things (I don't do this, but want to, long story.)

• Buy in bulk

• Don't just recycle, buy it too.

• Reuse packaging of products

• No disposable

• Fill the fridge

• Clean the fridges coils

• Run a full dishwasher (it saves way more than hand washing)

• Pay bills online

• Turn off your extra fridge or freezer (I don't know why the crap you would have one anyways....)

• Use recycled toilet paper

• Use handkerchiefs instead of tissues

• No more chewing gum

• Buy carbon offsets

• No more paper towels

• Don't use plastic shower curtains (why on earth you would...)

• Cold water for laundry

• Keep lint trap in dryer empty

• Don't use CD's to back up computer (guilty as charged)

• Don’t litter

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