23 May 2012

flooring samples - what to do with them?

So, my father use to work in construction, and somehow we have ended up with a variety of flooring samples. 

The carpet ones make great door mats to wipe your feet on.  Generally they are just a little bit of carpet, with nicely edged in sides, and info on the back.  Nobody ever looks at the back, so you are good.  You can either clean them, or if they get dirty, just toss it.  You can check stores that sell carpet (either carpet stores, home improvement stores, or big box retailers) to see if they have any they are getting rid of.

The other ones we have are for hardwood floors.  I am not sure what to do with these.  They are just like panels of floor that you could put together, but they are all in different shades.  I am thinking of putting them together to create a fun multicolor floor, however, I can't figure out where to put it.  You see, in my basement we already have it carpeted with a friends old carpet they didn't want, which is also a great thing to do with floors. 

Any ideas on what hardwood floor samples could be used for?  They are about 14" x 24"

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