25 April 2012

get a indoor houseplant

Houseplants are very beneficial to all involved.  They help breath in all CO2 inside your house, and provide it with oxygen for you to breath.  Very helpful.  Tropical plants are better for places that have no sun.  Succulent kinds, such as aloe, don't need a lot of water, so don't use up that resource.  Get a small one, and take good care of it.  I enjoy having plants around, and have been known to even name them in the past.  I had a cactus named Chris, he died. 

I've also been having lots of fun growing some veggies indoors.  They are actually living in a fish tank (empty tank, waiting for a turtle) with a light above them.  They seem to be enjoying it.  Herbs are also a good idea, you can then eat them.

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