25 February 2012

online world

I would think you probably already do this. I would, if well, I had a bunch of bills. But, pay your bills online. So much easier, and quicker, and green. You save a lot of gas, paper, and money. But, not only that, if you sign up for automatic bill pay, you also save stress and time. When I had a regular job, I had set up automatic withdrawals to my saving account. Every week it would take $5 and transfer it to my savings. It was very nice, I barely noticed it was gone and my saving grew quite fast. It would work much the same for paying bills. If you had a regular amount you made, and a regular amount your bill was, just have it automatically do it for you. You never have to even look at the money and it is done. This works great if you have direct deposit anyways, which I bet you do.

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