06 February 2012

led stoplights

LED is the way of the future right? Yes, they do use a lot less power. A lot less. But they still have their problems.

My father is color blind, the way he sees which of the lights is red or green is by placement. The red is on the top, green on the bottom. When the top one is shinning, he won't go. This becomes slightly problem some when the lights are tilted on their sides. But he does fairly good at it still. The problem comes when there is a LED light. They don't really give off light as much as color. We have one near our house and my father has had to ask me many times if the light is green or not.

In a perfect world we can all see great, oh man, I want that perfect world. But in real life that is not the case. A lot of men, and some women, are colorblind. This isn't sometime very well known, you can't tell by looking at someone. Most of the time you don't even know they are because they can still see clear. But it is a disability none the less. It is a disability that shouldn't prevent people from driving, but if they can't see the LED stoplights, then it would.

I'm all for saving energy, but LED has it's issues, and I don't want LED stoplights to stop people from driving.

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