20 January 2012

stop smoking

Here it is, my desperate plea to all those who smoke to stop. I hate it, I really do. And I'm not kind about it. I guess smoking is your own decision. I choose not to. But how much of it can a person really take. There are rules, no smoking indoors. No smoking within 25 feet of an entrance - one most don't do. They sit like 10 feet away and then we all have to inhale it while we walk in. My favorite - no smoking on the train platforms - gosh do people ignore this. My favorite thing to do is cough and walk away with a pained look on my face. I didn't choose to smoke.

I would like to applaud those who do smoke graciously. I've had people, when they noticed my pain, leave or put it out. Very kind of you. I've also seen people who go way out of the way to smoke as to not bother those around them. I really like these people. Then there are the people who you never see doing it because they are that far away. Thank you all.

But it still isn't green, and you should stop smoking! Think of what it takes to make one. Grow tobacco, get the other materials, make it. Then we have to package it, the material used in that is just as much as the product itself. So then what happens to it? It is burned up. Yep, burned up. And how many are used up in a day? Yeah, that's what I thought, not very green is it? Just a massive way to create more pollution.

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