30 December 2011

sorry for the wait

Sorry for the wait, I was going to do a giveaway for My Memories Suite, but I got busy with Christmas.  It is coming soon, I promise. 

In the mean time enjoy a picture of what I have been making my scrapbook pages out of, and a way for you to do it to.  I buy baseball card holders, and trim them down so it is 2 x 2 not 3 x 3, this fits the smaller binders for me, but you can do it in the bigger binders without cutting.  I then put my scarps in the pockets.  It stays organized, and they look nice.  I like it.

The program is called My Memories Suite, and you can get it here. It is normally $39.97 but, for you today I have a coupon code that saves you $10 off the suite and other scrapbooking pages. STMMMS4507 use it! Stay tuned soon and I’ll be starting a giveaway for you to win the program for free. But, if you can’t wait, remember the code: STMMMS4507

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