16 December 2011

drive around the block

I love my neighbors, I really do, but they have a habit that has been bugging me lately. Am I talking about the like six cars between the three of them, no. Am I talking about how I can see all six of them at a time, no. I'm talking about the trips around the block they make.

I was sitting outside the other day and one, with a friend, went to leave. They got in and took off. About a minute later the two returned and both went in the house. Wasteful trip. Then they came back out a few minutes later and left again. Forgot something? But gosh.

So today the car leaves again, returns a couple minutes later, picks up someone, leaves for a minute, then returns. I think they might be having car problems, but, um....

I hate cars; don't drive unless you have to.

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