21 September 2011

extra money

My first green action came when I was a very small child. Ever since I can remember I have loved to go look at houses as they were being built. And can I tell you, construction guys are horrible slobs. They would drink sodas and beer, and other things that came in a can. At night when they were gone my parents and I would go to these houses and collect the cans. It was also my way of making money. You see, if you collect enough cans and take them to the right place, you can get money for them. We would also collect our own cans as well as have my Grandparents do the same.

It was very rewarding, getting the money for doing such a simple thing as not throwing something away, or collecting things as I was enjoying a house. It wasn't until later that I realized that this was something green. Much later actually, when I was reading somewhere and it said it was and I went, oh, I do that.

I don't collect as much anymore. I don't drink things from cans anymore. Maybe I should go to those houses again, but then, that would have to be a drive and wasted gas.

But it still pains me to throw any can in the garbage. As well as to see any there.

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