01 September 2011


As school time is quickly approaching, I wanted to share what I had done once with a single sheet a paper.

You see I had a class that every day my teacher would give a quiz.  My personal opinion was that he did this so that people would show up on time to class.  He started it when we were in a horrible room that annoyed EVERYONE when someone was late.  He kept this up the second semester I had him.

The quiz was not long, and I since he had told us we could reuse the paper, the one he had just handed back to us because he had graded the day before, I decided to competely take him up on the offer.  While others would use the bottom half, or the back, I would simply draw a box around the previous day, and write my new answer.

It got to the point that the paper had been well used, and my teacher always knew it was mine without looking at the name.  We both liked it. 

I managed to get 22 on the front, and 16 on the back.  That is a total of 38 days, and the only reason I stoped was that class ended.

It was a great way to save paper, while other used like 8 to 38 sheets of paper, I had to only use one.

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