06 August 2011

put the card down and step away

There are some great products out there. Tons of things to keep you on the green track. Green clothes. Green cars. Green paper. Green cleaning supplies. Green computers. Green etc.... So what should you do? Don't buy any of it! Do not go out and buy a single thing!

Look at it, do your clothes still cover you? Is your car still running? Is your computer still working? Well, why buy something green then?

Possibly the worst thing you can do for the planet is to take perfectly good things and throw them away. But you do it don't you. Ha! I caught you.

I actually have a reputation among one of my friends that I use things until past their dying time. She seems to think I am always like two years behind everything. I agree with her on some things, I guess I could have got a larger USB drive when my old one got lost. But really? My computer works fine (mostly) so I don't see a point in spending my money to go buy a new one while that one still has life in it. She's been telling me to get rid of this laptop for nearly three years now, and I've only had it just over three years.

Don't buy new crap.

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