29 March 2011

no tv

I guess I did this out of a lifestyle choice more than anything. I use to be in love with a show and had to watch it every time. When it was changed to a Friday I was tiring to come up with a mass scheme to be able to still watch it and have a Friday life. My friend very bluntly said "Or, you could just not watch it." Because of my laziness, it somehow became what I did, I just stopped watching it. I then realized if I could survive without my favorite show, what good is the other crap on TV anyways?

It is possible to not watch any TV. You save a bunch of things. Energy to run the TV when on, and when off. Then I know you don't just have a TV. I have a VCR (yes, I do), a DVD player, a stereo system, and a converter box all besides the TV. I don't dare know how much that power is. Then the noise. I love it when I'm home without the TV on. It is so quiet and easier to concentrate. Then there is the time you save. How often is it that you sit down to watch for five minutes and a half an hour later are still watching because you have to finish the show if you are enjoying it or not.

I use to tell my parents I was taking the TV when I moved out, I did buy it afterall. But now I'm not sure. I like not watching TV.

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