16 February 2011

work from home

I have yet to figure out how beneficial this one really is. Maybe it is my field. Architecture is a little more of a group thing and not so easy to be done at home. But, if we can ship work off to people half way across the world to have things done overnight, I guess it can be done at home. But you have to have the right connection set up. It has to work right.

I can't imagine telling my boss that I'm going to work from home one day. I currently work as a teacher’s aid getting books for teachers and sharpening pencils. I'm serious; my job is to sharpen pencils. But how the crap am I suppose to do that at home? Um, no.

Drafting, which was my last job, can be a little easier I think. It's not like I don't have the program at home. But not everyone is as crazy as I and have $100 programs on their computers, for "free." And the paper I used. Ha, well, let's just say for a day all I did was print off pages 24" x 36" I think about 20 per set, three sets. Ah, paper. I don't have that big of a printer at home.

My mother worked from home for awhile. Okay, most of my life she had a day care at home. But what I'm referring to is the work on your computer from home. But we didn't have the best set up, this was back in the day of dial-up. And it would take her longer to get and send her work than it actually did to do it.

One of those odd things, what is working from home really helping? No gas? Okay, but public transit is running with or without you on it, just take that. I also think working from home is a whole lot less productive. I get much more done trapped at school than I ever do when there is a tempting bed in the next room at home.

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  1. I work from home and love it... I think mostly because of the flexible schedule. ;)


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