28 December 2010

wear it twice

You know how a lot of college guys pick out their clothes? They pick up the shirts off the floor and whichever smells less bad that is the one they pick. Maybe they are onto something.

I recently started to look at my shirts and think I did nothing in it. I sat around and did nothing. It is not dirty, so why should I wash it? So it goes back in the closet. When I finally decide it is dirty, normally after two days, or a day of hard work, I put it in the laundry basket. My jeans, they take a few days before they go in there.

Laundry takes a lot of water, and energy, hence CO2, to do. If you decide to wear your clothes twice, or more, before you wash then you can cut that water and energy in half. Think about it.

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  1. I love this post! I wear many "hats", so to speak, throughout the day, and have to change clothes often: construction with my sweetie, studio work, shopping, civic meetings, houseclothes and datenights... So I take my "lightly-worn" clothes and fold them neatly on a stand inside my closet to wear again- Often even my work clothes are still clean! It makes no sense to throw them in the dirty pile, if they aren't dirty!


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