14 December 2010

gift wrap

Think about it. You go to the store, buy the gift wrap, it comes on this little tube, wrapped in plastic, all to be thrown away. What do you do with the paper? You cover the box, use tape, put a pretty bow on it, it looks great (depending on skill.) No doubt you have extra, no present is a perfect size (well, some are.) Then you give it away and what happens? The receiver, may look at it for a second, but most likely not. They tare it up, and throw it all away. The whole process is pretty much a way to generate garbage.

I'm guilty, and I'll admit it. I love wrapping presents, comes from my years getting paid to do it. This is not a favorite past time of most - they would prefer the greener way and just hand people their presents. However, I have decided to put my skills to the test and wrap in earth friendly materials (as soon as my others run out, which may be awhile, you know how many Christmas bags I have?)

I found a book, Simply Green Giving by Danny Seo which had the most exciting ideas on how to creatively wrap presents. My favorite? Potatoe chip bags, turn them inside out, and shiny new wrap. I'm totally going to do it. Another idea? Remember all those pretty little dryer sheets? Yes, those my friends, use those to wrap with. The possibilities are endless. Maybe the idea of wrapping out of the newspaper isn't such a crappy idea anymore.

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