21 December 2010

33 mpg

Cars have come a long way since they first appeared on the scene.  Lately you hear more and more about how fuel efficient cars can be.  Hybrids are all the rage.

I find it funny to watch commercials for new cars getting 30 mpg.  Wow!  30?  I will NOT buy one with 30 mpg.  Those are normally highway miles, which are better than normal driving around town.  My old 1990 Mazda got 33 mpg around town, better on the open road.  Now why the crap would I be so impressed with these cars claiming to get great millage that is worse than the older car I own, shouldn't it be the other way around?  I think I'll stick with my Mazda.

Don't buy gas guzzlers, there is no need to.  And a Hybrid?  Really?  I guess okay, but you have to plug it in and that energy has to come from somewhere as well doesn't it?  Pollute the air as you drive, or before you drive.

Good movie, if you haven't seen it: "Who Killed the Electric Car"

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