28 February 2012

no receipts

I hate receipts, I really do. So the tip - don't take receipts.

Now, where I am a mostly sane person, I think this tip is crazy. Yes, I do hate receipts, I already stated that. And yes, I do take them anyways. But I will let you in on the secret as to why I do this. You can't stop the receipt! I'm sorry, but there you have it. Most places print out the receipt wheater you want it or not, they don't have the option of not printing it.

So, you say you do not want to receipt, what do the people do with it. Well, at first they look at you odd, then they don't have any idea what to do, they throw it away. Yep, instead of you taking it and like a good person add it to the recycling place; they add it to the landfill.

Not all places do this. My favorite place, the library, now asks you if you want a receipt. I inwardly scream no at it, and hit the no button. No more annoying little crap paper. Ah.

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  1. I too hate receipts. The next icky thing about them is that BPA is the main ingredient in thermal printing and it's easily transfered through the skin on your fingers and then into the rest of the paper system when recycled. Ick!


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