03 August 2009

water bottles

I am addicted, I will admit it. I love water. At my desk at school I keep a water bottle handy. I drink at least one of these a day. I also have a case of water bottles in my trunk of my car. I like water, and I like those cute little bottles. And you know how bad they are, the production of them isn't great then they just end up in the landfill where they never die. I have news for you, nothing in the landfill dies, and even if it did, what would we use landfills for afterwards?

It makes me feel better about my one at school that it isn't actually a water bottle. It is an old Sprite bottle I 'recycled' and now put water in. It has a handy little hole in the top of it for easy drinkablity. I get weird looks from people when they notice it still has the cap on.

My car? Well, that is another story. I like to have water with me all the time, and drink a lot of it. I try to remember to fill up the water bottle once empty as to reuse it and not just let it go into the garbage. But it ends up there anyways. But, it is plastic, and can be recycled anyways, so why bother.

It never made any sense to me to go buy a metal water bottle. I know you have seen them, they are everywhere. I never felt the need. I had a perfectly good bottle I used. Doesn't it almost defeat the purpose of it if everyone were to take the current bottle they used, that happened to be plastic, throw it away and get a new bottle?

My parents made me throw away my Sprite bottle when I came home at the end of the semester, they told me it was dirty, I told them I would wash it. I have since bought a metal water bottle. It sits in my car, and is very low on water and I will probably end up just taking one out of the trunk anyways. I think I'll go refill it now. As for school? I will probably buy another Sprite, punch another hole in it, and use that. I get so bothered by having to take off the lid of my metal bottle, and there is no way I can put a hole in it.
I need a drink.

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