25 July 2009


One of my good friends once said that cheap people were more green anyways. I think this is true, which is why I found this next idea kind of weird. It is to borrow, from your friends, or the library instead of buying things such as magazines that will just be thrown away or not used after the first time.

I found it funny because I do that, not to be green, but because I'm too cheap to buy things. In the past year I have bought three CD's, all of which were too unique to be found at the library. 13, a little known musical that even the music stores have no idea what you are talking about. Hanson.net CD, a fan club exclusive. And a Singers Christmas CD, the University of Utah choir, that also went to help my friend go on tour. Movies, I have a small collection off, just my favorite classics, and Hanson. But did you know you don't even have to rent them if you get them from the library? Sure, you have to wait, but... As for books? I have no idea the last one I bought, and magazines, well, I only get the free ones.

It is crazy to think of this as being green, I think of it as being cheap. However, it can also be thought of as being organized. Why buy all these things if you aren't going to like them and will only use it once. Save yourself the trouble and visit the library or borrow from a friend. Also be willing to lend, or you will become a unwanted friend.

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